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A simple sight reading for you

Random notes sight-reading exercise

A random chord generator.

Random chords sight-reading exercise

Twist your brains

Random chords on diatonic scale, matchmaking exercise

A peculiar metronomes

Ultra Max Turbo Metronome Plus 2000
A simple metronome with random dropouts

Play-along type ear training app.

Megaear Flexible chord/other generator. Exercises to help connect the ears directly to the fingers. Chrome only for now. Maybe Opera too.

Quiz-type ear training app.

stepQuiz Guess the steps or guess the key - build your own exercises. From easy to insanely hard.

Interval quiz.

intervalsLive Guess the intervals - it plays only one new note after a correct answer. The new interval asked - between the last note from previous pair and the new note.

Guitar fretboard quiz.

degreeQuiz Guess the degrees.. (alt chord & diatonic for now).

Chord quiz.

chordQuiz For theory geeks. ***beta - might have bugs and mistakes***

A simple chord generator

Chord Constructor & Looper 2000 ULTRA Turbo plus for whatever reason..

An older ear training app.

Another ear training tool Kinda fun but hard to use.

A fingerboard editing app.

Fingerboard Editor 2000 ULTRA Turbo plus

A simple tasklist.

dutyToDo If there's too many things to do and can't decide what to do next, let the computer do it for you!
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